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UEFA Euro 2012


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Electronic Arts has announced its official UEFA Euro 2012 tie-in – but in an interesting break from tradition, the title won't be available as a full-price standalone release. Instead, it will be an expansion pack for Fifa 12.

The downloadable package will contain all 53 national teams and the eight stadiums due to host Euro 2012 matches in Poland and Ukraine this summer.

As in last year's Fifa 12 release, there will also be a live Football Club Challenge mode that follows the action of the real-life tournament, allowing fans to re-enact certain games and change the course of history. So for example, you could get England through a penalty shoot-out or perhaps even beyond the quarter finals. Although to be honest, EA's simulation is quite accurate so you'd best not get your hopes up.

The title also features a new Expedition Mode which lets participants build and manage their own custom sides, arranged around a key favourite player, or your own Fifa 12 Virtual Pro creation. Beating teams will allow you to grab their best players, thereby building a super squad of Euro heroes. There are also online multipayer modes allowing players to indulge in their own virtual tournaments.

In the past, EA has done quite well out of its champsionship editions, but this is an important acknowledgement that times have changed and that player expectations are more toward DLC expansions than lots of seperate retail releases.

Euro 2012 is being released for Xbox 360, PC (via EA's Origin download service) and PS3 on 24 April, priced at £15.99 or 1800 MS points.

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I got the EA Season Pass at the start of the season so I get 20% off this! Nice. Brings it down to 1440, Which is less than £12 just about. Can't argue with that really.

Not going to get it right away, though.

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I downloaded the update for FIFA 12 yesterday and I think it's changed the gameplay a bit, anyone else finding that?

Not sure if it's anything to do with the Euro update.

well the gameplay in the euro is different, have a look at ur controller settings aswell mines we're changed which wasnt good, as for the wales team im sure they will update that as there always going to be updating the squads leading upto the actual tournament itself

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i downloaded it yesterday, and i really like it, but im now seeing why they didn't release it as a stand-alone £40 release. it doesn't have many features, unlike the previous 2010 world cup game. there's no qualifying, which i enjoyed in the WC games. plus, as wev seen, it only holds a license for certain teams.

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