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Duff and Phelps, Murray and Whyte have had it easy so far.


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Since admin Whyte has given a few soundbytes at the start, he got caught then he fucked off, living his normal life wherever that may be and doing whatevers normal for a lying scummy scrote, with no pressure applied.

Murray has given one bullish interview not really answering fuck all and also continuing with his normal life, again with no pressure applied.

How can this be? they need to be held accountable for this god awful fukin mess!

Duff and Phelps are issuing all the media/fan friendly stuff that we want to hear, the clock is ticking and ever fuckin louder, the glare of the spotlight must be refocussed on this merry band, by all accounts were in a shit state (new one) and big jobs need to be done by big men and swiftly, heads and numbers need crashed together rapido.

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