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Club 9 Sport Deal falling Apart


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Chicago Fire’s Andrew Hauptman and Rumors About the Rangers F.C.: Fan View

By Lana Bandoim, Yahoo! Contributor Network

8 minutes ago

tweet0EmailPrintThe Chicago Fire's owner Andrew Hauptman has recently been linked to the sale of the Scottish Premier League's Rangers F.C. team. The rumors indicate that Hauptman was originally interested in the deal but is no longer participating. The MLS team owner was allegedly part of the bid from Club 9 Sports in conjunction with Prometheus.

Chicago Fire.

Wikimedia Commons

The Rangers' Current Problems

The Rangers F.C. are currently in administration because of legal and tax problems. The Ibrox club was previously in the midst of a legal battle with Martin Bain who was suing for 900,000 pounds. Although Bain has dropped his lawsuit, the Rangers' issues are far from over. The Glasgow, Scotland, club owes an estimated 9 million pounds in back taxes, and the club is in danger of completely vanishing from the Scottish Premier League. The possibility that the Rangers F.C. may be forced into liquidation still exists.

Andrew Hauptman's Role in the Deal

Andrew Hauptman's role in the deal to purchase the Rangers F.C. remains unclear. Several sources have indicated that he was one of the buyers involved in the bidding from Club 9 Sports and Prometheus. Officially, the Chicago Fire have not confirmed any of the rumors surrounding the sale of the Ibrox club or his participation. Nevertheless, the deal with Club 9 seems to be falling apart, and Hauptman is no longer involved

Andrew Hauptman's Soccer Past

Although investing in the Rangers may be a questionable financial decision, it is not the first time that Andrew Hauptman has been involved in something new. Prior to purchasing the Chicago Fire, Hauptman had no experience with soccer and even admitted to liking tennis. As the chairman of Andell Holdings, Hauptman's background did not involve many sports organizations.

Andrew Hauptman has admitted, "I didn't know MLS quite frankly[.]" He has also mentioned, "I had one conversation and the deal was done. Six weeks later I owned this team and thought now what?" A lack of experience did not stop him from buying the Chicago Fire, so it is not surprising that he may have shown an interest in the Scottish Premier League.

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Fingers crossed all the reporting suggested they were in favour of liquidation.

If American newspapers are anything like their other media then I'd be one to call shenanigans.

Not going to lie though, if club9's deal collapses, tomorrow could be a FANTASTIC day for Rangers.

If it's true that they favoured liquidation, the it's good they've gone.

If not, it's another option removed.

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"Gee I love this saaaccer game. How many throws towards the end-zone basket do ya' get?"


On average Rangers score with every 6.8 shots at the nets, with aluko averaging 5.233 assists per corners taken at the n zone

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