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Club 9 CEO email

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The secretary of the RST received the below response at 1.30am from Jon Pritchett CEO of Club 9 Sports.

Thank you for your e-mail and introduction. We have purposely avoided any public comments until today because we didn't see the benefit in talking until we knew more about where we were internally. At an early stage, there really is not much value in public statements.

Unfortunately, that did not keep people from talking about us. We read with some humor many of the stories, opinions and rumors about Club 9 Sports. Some of it was accurate; much of it was fictional or factually incorrect. Regardless, as you may have seen, we were never going to bid on the club ourselves. We were working with a group of people in the US and UK for a few weeks to take a hard look at the deal but that group decided not to move forward.

I just wanted to thank you for reaching out and to say that any smart owner (no matter which side of the pond) will most certainly want work with your group and others to ensure the fans, supporters and followers are an integral part of the plans for Rangers. After all, they are the most important asset of the club.

Warm regards,





Sounds like last nights update, but makes it seem like there will be no bid from them or a consortium that they represent, at least that's how I read it????

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I'm pretty sure I fell asleep early last night, woke up at the back of 11 and seen on the news that Club9 have pulled out of the bidding.

I could have dreamt it mind.

Yes, except their statement last night was somewhat ambiguous, suggesting that they may be interested in Rangers only for it's assets i.e liquidation and that an offer along the lines of TBK would not be forthcoming. This on the other hand appears to suggest that they or their consortium will not be involved in any way

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