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These club 9 fuckers.

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Heres an e-mail sent by one of these fannys when they found out there bid for Sheffield wed was rejected.

From: "jmkosich@dornochcap.com" <jmkosich@dornochcap.com>

To: Judge Foryourself <judgeforyourself@rocketmail.com>

Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 7:13 PM

Subject: Hilarious and Tragic - Have Fun in Admin as I Said Many Times Before

you are truly a moronic ****.

as i said previously, admin and rocket to league 2 you ****wit.

what do you and your buddies have to say now??

coop have cut the club off and the buzzards are about.

sent from a club9 official to sheff wed fans<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">

From: "jmkosich@dornochcap.com" <jmkosich@dornochcap.com>

To: Judge Foryourself <judgeforyourself@rocketmail.com>

Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010 7:44 PM

Subject: RE: You have no track record in anything other than auto circuits with no cars

you are mentally unbalanced and pathetic.....you need a real life other than sending harrassing emails to people you don't know or have any idea what and who they are.

fyi, i have no connection with the transaction or club 9 anymore other than a financial interest. i assume from your so-called educated opinion above that you have some training and knowledge of finance or private equity. if not, i would kindly suggest that you go off and **** yourself.

happy trails ****whit!!

Joseph M. Kosich

Managing Director

Dornoch Capital Advisors, LLC

P.O. Box 265

Village of Pinehurst, NC 28370

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