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We owe £3.3 million


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to other football clubs according to stv website:

Rangers owe more than £3.3m to other football clubs, a document released by administrators Duff and Phelps has revealed.

A host of sides, both from Scotland and abroad, are owed sums relating predominantly to transfer fees incurred in recent years.

At home, £1,029,494 is owed to other Scottish clubs. Celtic, Dundee United, Dunfermline Athletic, Hearts and Inverness Caledonian Thistle are all creditors.

A further £2,322,643 is still overdue to foreign-based sides. Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Orebro, Rapid Vienna, St Etienne and Palermo are all due money.

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Celtic £40,337

Dunfermine £83,370.13

Dundee United £65,981.49

Hearts £800,000

Inverness £39,805

Governing bodies

SFA £11,089.04

SPL £22,500

SFL £3,480


AS St Etienne £252,212.39

Arsenal £136,560.00

Chelsea £238,345.43

Manchester City £328,248.71

Orebro £150,000

SK Rapid Vienna £1,011,763.44

Palermo £205,513.04

More from the STV article.


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AS St Etienne £252,212.39 - Bocanegra fee

Arsenal £136,560.00 - Bartley loan fee

Chelsea £238,345.43 - their share of the gate from the July friendly

Manchester City £328,248.71 - Weiss loan fee

Orebro £150,000 - Bedoya fee

SK Rapid Vienna £1,011,763.44 - Jelavic fee

Palermo £205,513.04 - Goian fee

I assume?

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