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So we owe folk £55million...brilliant

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We will settle via CVA for around 25p in the pound stop panicking and yank yer plank :P

i think it will be cloer to 12p in the £, but, that is juts my thought!

the figures don't include the BTC, but do include the £27m to Ticketus.

Tell ticketus to chase Whyte, win the BTC, 12p in the £, doddle

.............................fingers crossed!

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Creditor Claim (£)

Trade & Expense Creditors 5,544,508

Ticketus (amount of claim to be confirmed) 26,700,000

HM Revenue & Customs – Excluding Big and Small Tax Cases 14,372,042

HM Revenue & Customs – Small Tax Case TBC

HM Revenue & Customs – Big Tax Case TBC

Supporter Debenture Holders 7,736,000

Football Related Creditors 1,063,082

Employees TBC

Total 55,415,632

That's the part of the report of what we owe, I think.

Section 14.27

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Says in the document small tax case has been settled just waiting upon a fee been decided.

That stinks of stupidity to me why would you settle something if you are unsure how much you're going to be charged? (tu)

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Rangers owe more than £3.3m to other football clubs, a document released by administrators Duff and Phelps has revealed.A host of sides, both from Scotland and abroad, are owed sums relating predominantly to transfer fees incurred in recent years.

At home, £1,029,494 is owed to other Scottish clubs. Celtic, Dundee United, Dunfermline Athletic, Hearts and Inverness Caledonian Thistle are all creditors.

A further £2,322,643 is still overdue to foreign-based sides. Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Orebro, Rapid Vienna, St Etienne and Palermo are all due money.

The publication by Duff and Phelps also shows Rangers are owed £3.8m from other football clubs "in respect of deferred transfer fees which fall due over a period of time up to May 31, 2014".

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the bit that gets me is the money from the arsenal shares never touched the company's accounts as a result the stockbroker firm which sold them was placed into administration, that firm lists it's company secretary as Mr Craig Whyte.

Theft of 100 year old history.

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So after all the good news we have had here is the bad news and its the worst news we could have benn given aport from liquatdaton

We knew about all this stuff. Looking at it in black and white just makes it seem more intimidating.

We'll pay of the smaller football debts via the fighting fund.

And a CVA will take care of the big stuff, so long as HMRC and Ticketus agree to one, which is certainly in both, especially Ticketus' best interests.

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