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"Give us Transparency"

The Media and Fans have been screaming out for more transparency regarding the Administration of Rangers.

Today's 60+ page document laid out every single penny that is potentially owed to creditors by the Club.

That's about as transparent as you can get (imo anyway).

(Now if every single club had to lay bare what they owed to whom, I am sure it would make for some interesting reading)

The Media in Scotland, (England barely batted an eyelid) quickly glanced at the report, took the worse case (and highly unlikely) scenario and bombarded us with it.

134 Million was the headline screamed from the T.V, Radio and Internet outlets. Shocking, Ridiculous, Worrying and Disgraceful were used in abundance.

The Scottish Media's response would have come as no surprise to most of us, we have come to expect it from them and they didn't disappoint us.

All 3 major (term used lightly) Scottish phone in's went into TSM (talk shit mode) with the tarrier friendly hosts trying to out spew each other.

Yet more Shocking, Ridiculous, Worrying and Disgraceful terms were used as they preached to their demented taggish flock, who were no doubt salivating at the prospect of our demise.

I longed for a single voice of reason to say, hold on, the debts to potential new owners of the club could be as little as 10 Million, of course that voice never came.

It may never be heard, but if it was, would it have held any truth.

Depending on the outcome of the bids and the EBT case, these rough figures may not be included in a CVA.


26M Ticketus

7M owed to Fans of the Club

2M frozen for HMRC

134 - 110 = 24

potentially owed to us

3.8 Million in transfers

9.9 Million from Collier Bristow

(1 million from Bain and the RFFF)

Approx, 10 Million Net Debt (Ticketus deal with TBK may take that to 20) - It's not as far fetched as one would imagine

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