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Is it all doom & gloom..

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I tend not to read the papers or watch any of the late night news shows. Was just wondering if it is all negative shit we are hearing or is there some positive news coming from certain pundits. Past experiance tells me that it's probably all doom & gloom. Please tell me I'm wrong.

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Haven't read a tabloid in over ten years, so can't really help you on that count.

Seen a couple of things on the draconian broadcaster which is the Bbc, but we know what to expect from them and their unintelligible journalism.

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I'd just like to know if there are any of these cunts fighting our corner.

We're fighting OUR corner mate; the media in this country can suck my bell end.

They don't have enough gravitas to actually put us down; we'll come out of this bigger, stronger, better - then we'll take our trophy back to its rightful home, after we industrially clean it; obviously.

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Having a go sells more papers its the better story angle. They have to take the moral high ground over this and sensationalise everything.

I was dreading a "We don't do walking away" headline.

Everyone on here is sure that a CVA will be agreed as HMRC will play ball and Alex Salmond has put a wee word in also with them.

The bad news is all out now, no more surprises so it looks like it can be put behind us as we go forward.

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Just thought that maybe there was just one out there, just one.

Nah, was a silly thought doh

I truly admire your optimism! The pathetic media up here are only interested in sensationalising. Not a chance they'd back us despite us being one of the biggest institutions in the country

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