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We're still the 1st to do it, if any team is to overtake us, i don't mind it being Linfield. (tu)

Don't get me wrong I like them as a club but do I fuck want them having our world record they can make do with 2nd place it feels good knowing that no other club in the world has more official titles than us I proudly tell anyone who asks about Rangers when i'm abroad that we are officially the most succesfull club in the world in terms of leagues and we can't exactly say "oh but it's just the Northern Irish league it's shite" because people will say the same about the SPL.

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Hopefully they lose the league for the next 3 or 4 years to make sure they don't get ahead of us

I feel same. I love the fact we have the most titles in the world, no longer being able to say that would sadden me. Hopefully we will get number 55 next season and give us a bit of breathing space again :lol:

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What happened when we got to 6 in a row? where you saying that about our league?

Who the fuck would seriously rep you for that comment ?

How much of a moron are you ? It was clearly said in jest because the same was getting said about us from outsiders when we were arse-raping the league.

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