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"If you're going through hell, keep going"


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"If you're going through hell, keep going" by JCS

[imgleft]http://i1112.photobucket.com/albums/k494/DarcheVinny/wv45rangersvceltic_200_200.jpg[/imgleft]On the ferry on the way home from the St. Mirren game on Saturday evening, some of the Ulster Bears had organised a ballot to raise funds for the Rangers Till I Die (NI) fund. This is the fund set up by the Northern Ireland Bears to raise funds for the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund.

The ballot was for a beautifully framed Alan McGregor signed shirt and photo, alongside a wonderful portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. Undoubtedly a prize to grace the wall of any Bluenose living room.

As the ballot sellers were passing around the ship urging one and all to give generously to the ‘cause’, I noticed a young lad, probably no more than 7 or 8 years of age, trailing along behind the lads carrying the framed shirt. It was quite clear that he was really ‘taken’ by the shirt and was keen to have a chance to win it.

I was on my way to the bar - as I’m wont to do on occasions - when I first noticed him, and I thought I would tag along out of curiosity.

The guys selling the ballots eventually reached the table at which the youngster’s Mum, Dad and older brother were sitting at, and I overheard him urgently talking to his Dad. As he was quite ‘animated’, it was clear that he was entreating his Dad to buy some ballots in the hope that he might win the McGregor shirt.

As I moved a little closer, I heard him ask his Mum for the remainder of his pocket money and, apparently, he had just a fiver left. As the ballots were £3 each he was a still a quid short for the two ballots he clearly wanted to buy, so he asked his Dad for the extra pound. When he got the pound, he rushed up to the lads organising the draw, proffered his £6 and bought his two ballots.

When he returned to his Mum & Dad I heard them say to him, ‘There’s a lot of people buying ballots, so don’t get your hopes up that you’ll win it’, and much to my surprise he replied, ‘I don’t mind Dad because the money is going to Rangers!’.

I have no difficulty admitting that I felt more than a little ‘choked’, and as proud of that youngster as I am of my own two bluenose grandchildren.

Over the past few months we have witnessed many such gestures and many of them have been truly magnanimous and moving.

All over the country, and much further afield, children such as little 8 year old Rhys Lewis - who was highlighted recently on the Official web site - are donating their hard earned pocket money, and Bluenoses around the world are digging deep for the Rangers cause.

From the old lady who offered her weekly pension, to the ‘pie-sellers’ of the Hong Kong Rangers Supporters club who raised 4,500 HK dollars for the Fighting Fund.

Indeed, on the day that we thrashed the old enemy at Ibrox, the sale of union flags brought in over £47,000 for the fighting fund.

Bluenoses are noted the world over for their inventiveness and ingenuity and many have ‘stepped up to the plate’ yet again with amazing fundraising ideas.

Fans like David MacIntosh, who made a fantastic donation of £550 to the Fund with the money raised by means of fans downloading the song he recorded.

But, perhaps, the most innovative and productive initiative has been the red and black scarf campaign organised, and brought to fruition, by Rangers fans Jim O'Donnell, Stuart MacLean and Will Craig.

An incredible £50,000 has been raised for the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund by their combined efforts and, as if that were not enough, a further £16,500 worth of tickets was purchased for the game against St Mirren.

I take my hat off to those lads. They epitomise everything that is good about the Rangers family.

The fundraising campaign continues to grow apace, and many events have been organised in my little part of the world – the famous Norn Iron - to assist the Rangers Fans Fighting Fund.

In two weeks time I, and my mates from the Cresta Loyal RSC (Belfast), will be wending our way (probably very slowly!) along the costal route from Hollywood to Bangor on a sponsored walk for the Fund. Other events such as Nights at the Races, dinner dances etc. are being organised across the Province as I pen this piece.

But whether it be Belfast or Blackpool, Barcelona or Bangkok, indeed where one or more Bears are gathered together, no matter how remote or isolated they may be, they will always do their part for the Rangers cause.

Winston Churchill once famously said, "If you're going through hell, keep going".

There can be no doubt that the Club, the players, the employees, the fans - all of us are going through hell at the moment. But let no one harbour any doubts that we will prevail.

Rangers will never die, because we will not let it die!

Never have I been more proud of my fellow Bluenoses than over the past few difficult weeks and months. They say that adversity brings out the best in people and we now know the truth of those words.

Rangers fans are the best fans in the world.

We are indeed, The People.

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?????? did the wee guy win the shagger signed top ? ,if not still a great feat to put his £6 pocket money in the kitty ,with young fans like this im sure we will keep the wolfs away from the door ,We are the people ,G STQ

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It's stories like that which makes you wish that you had won the shirt in the ballot....then walked up to the kid involved and handed him it, just to see the look of delight on his wee face. :)

It's also stories like that which makes my blood boil when I think of people like David Murray (sans Sir) sitting in his office at Chez Mint sipping his expensive Chardonay,and Craig Whyte wondering how much he can make out of our institution,when they should be leading the fiscal fight to put our club back towards stability :mad:

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I'm afraid the lad didn't win the shirt, but I was talking to his Dad and him later in the evening and he was as pleased as punch having made his contribution. He loves the Gers - wouldn't talk about anything else.

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