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Given the behaviour of the tarrier media these days and the kickings we seem to constantly get , Bears fans in the public eye tend to keep quiet about their allegiances , however I know that the Biffy Clyro lead singer Simon Neil is a big blue nose and used to regularly attend games .

Any others worth taking about ?

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Andy Fordham (tu) Mind watching him play years ago always wore a Rangers chain.

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Andy Fordham (tu) Mind watching him play years ago always wore a Rangers chain.


ANDY FORDHAM came back from the brink — now he hopes his beloved Rangers can do the same.

The 24-stone 2004 BDO world champ has faced a succession of personal health traumas and family tragedies.

One of the most popular players at the oche has gone from the top of the world to seeing his world fall apart.

Just when The Viking was finding his form again on a special exhibition tour of Scotland in 2010 he broke his leg and saw father Syd suffer a second stroke.

That was just months after daughter Emily lost a baby and wife Jenny endured a multiple sclerosis scare.

Fordham, who himself suffered a minor stroke five years ago, is skint and living with his father-in-law following the cash crisis that saw him lose his pub.

He’s been heartbroken to see his footy favourites also suffering. He said: “This isn’t Portsmouth or Airdrie — this is Rangers. How it’s been allowed to happen is beyond me.

“They’ve got amazing fans who will never let the club die and support them no matter what and in any division. Rangers also have Ally McCoist. I believe his strength and love for the club will pull them through.

“Scottish football would go down the toilet without Rangers. It’s a joke that this has been allowed to happen.

“If I won the Lottery tomorrow I’d give them the lot.”

After the broken leg and knee problems he now has a bad back, but he believes he’ll be back in the big time.

He said: “It’s the Premier League in Glasgow this week. It would be a dream for me to play in that in front of Scottish fans.”

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He had The Rose pub in Dartford when he was a huge guy, he used to sit at a table scoop his beer hold up the empty bottle which was instantly replaced into his hand, there was a few photos around the pub, one with him and Goram and a Rangers clock behind the bar, he then took over The Cutty Sark in Thamesmead, which was rough as fuck and used to be the home of the South East London Loyal, dont think it was when Fordham had it though,( i was in there on the first helicopter Sunday)i thought he still had the pub, maybe not.

I remember seeing him at the Fulham game, he could not fit through the turnstyles so they opened the gate for the horses to let him enter.

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