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Livorno vs Rangers (2-3)

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You get the feeling that all the players (bar a certian midfielder) were fully behind Le Guen until the fans started to turn.

It was a great performance away from home, first win on Italian soil for a Scottish team is a great achievement. Just shows that there were actually some positives from the Le Guen era.

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Great trip. Went out with my family and made it a short holiday. Think it was Monday to Saturday flying from Newcastle to Pisa. Had to go to the ground on the Tuesday to buy tickets. Weather was pretty decent in the morning when we left our accommodation. Drove into Livorno still sunny and I had shorts on!! Into a restaurant for lunch and by the time we came out it was bucketing down. Temperature had dropped like a stone as well. It hammered down most of the time until just before the game ended. Great performance and result. Only down side was about 8 or 10 of our fans were looking for trouble at the game.

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always mind the friday in work after this match, 2 boys in the work always bet a fiver each on correct scores, one of them picked 3-2 to the bears, and the other fella was putting it on, in the bookies he changed the bet to 3-1. never forget till the day i die the big lad thinken he was a few hundred up only to be given the news he had one fuck all. he layed the count spark out on his arse, brilliant.

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