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SPL are twisting the knife


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AFTER two months of torture my real fear for Rangers is that the pain is only just beginning.

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At the end of a week when the identity of the preferred bidder should have become clear, more heavy clouds were cast over my old club.

The SPL don’t half know how to kick a man when he’s down.

I’d like to say that their spanner-in-the-works statement shocked me when it was released on Wednesday.

Sadly, it didn’t.

The fact is NOTHING that self-serving mob ever do surprises me any more.

They’ve never done Rangers — or Celtic for that matter — any favours, nor are they ever likely to either.

I have no problem whatsoever with the sentiments of their Financial Fair Play statement.

Clubs should live within their means, and there should be regulations and rules in place to ensure they do.

But the timing of their latest bombshell stinks.

It has stalled the bidding process at Ibrox and undermined the efforts of the administrators at Rangers to keep the club in business.

Sickening isn’t the word for it.

I thought it was generally accepted you couldn’t be punished for the same crime twice.

The SPL are simply looking to twist the knife and Rangers should never forget that.

I’ve chatted a lot to Gers fans since the club went into administration back on February 14.

Amid the disgust and dismay there is a real feeling of anger at how the club they love has been run into the ground.

The money men have been reckless and there’s been a real dereliction of duty by those charged with safeguarding the club.

Many supporters I’ve spoken to are furious at the idea of Gers being unable to pay its dues.

And there’s no doubt some of them would even welcome a spell in the lower leagues away from the SPL.

But that would mean the end for Scottish football — and it’s time those in the SPL realised that.

Yes, Rangers do have to be punished.

Never again can the club allow itself to degenerate into such a financial mess.

But the simple fact is the SPL is so reliant on the money generated by the Old Firm that Gers are, essentially, too big to fail.

If Rangers are liquidated and their assets transferred to a newco, the reality is that they could be playing Third Division football next season.

Perhaps that’s what some inside the SPL want.

But do you think for one second that the TV executives at Sky and ESPN will stand for that?

Don’t be daft. They’ll have packed up their crews and trucks and headed out of town like a shot.

And where would that leave the SPL and, indeed, the rest of Scottish football?

I don’t think anyone at Ibrox is looking for sympathy.

I certainly don’t think anyone at Ibrox is expecting sympathy.

But the release of this new raft of rules looks like another clear blow aimed at Rangers. I can understand why so many Rangers fans want to boycott away matches and hit the other clubs where it hurts.

If the gang of ten aren’t pulling in money when the Rangers supporters are supposed to be in town, it won’t be long before my old club are joined in administration by about six or seven others.

When that happens you’re as well to pull down the shutters.

Scottish football is in a bad way right now and there should be more support shown to those clubs who are toiling badly.

Scottish football needs a strong Rangers, just like it needs a strong Celtic.

When will some people get that simple fact into their heads?

I spoke to Ally McCoist a few weeks back at the AC Milan legends game.

I was surprised to see just how well the Rangers manager is coping with it all.

He and his players have been through a helluva lot and they’ve been a credit to the club.

It’s them I feel most sorry for because the uncertainly looks set to rumble on.

But it’s pleasing to hear that the bids from Bill Miller and Bill Ng remain on the table, despite the SPL moving the goal posts.

Both businessmen appear to be genuine in their ambitions for the club, but I have to admit, I don’t know that much about them.

And when the administrators finally get around to naming their preferred bidder, I still hope Paul Murray and his Blue Knights are the men handed control.

These guys are real Rangers men, with the club firmly at heart. They would offer transparency, something that was lacking so badly under Craig Whyte.

I appreciate there is now a real urgency to get things moving along.

Rangers must be out of administration for the start of next season or it seems certain they will be docked another ten points before a ball is even kicked in anger.

I just fear that this week’s SPL statement will stall the process further.

These remain uncertain times for everyone connected to Gers and everyone who has a love for the club.

I truly believe they will emerge stronger for it, but my worry is that next season’s title could be written off before a ball is kicked.

That would break McCoist’s heart.

It would break mine too.


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Very truthful article, but we shouldnt get to the stage that these new penalties come into force and they have only been written up so if the worst happens they can lets us back in to keep them rollling in the cash.

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How have we been punished for the same thing twice?

we have been given the ten point penalty for entering administration and nothing else.

What he means if the new rules get pushed through we will be punished.

We have already been punished 10 points this season. A further 10 for 2 seasons and reducing tv revenue income is indeed more and more punishment for the same crime.

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