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Who do you think will be the stars of Euro 2012?

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Which players are you most looking forward to seeing play? And who do you think will over and under acheive?

For me I'd say, Christian Eriksen for Denmark. Love the tricks he does, they players I love watching.

Looking forward to see Germany play to see all these young attacking players people have been raving about. Also Portugal at 20s is a good price with Ronaldo anything is possible.

Hopefully England or Holland win it. I think Spain will not make the final, dont know why so Id say anything less than a win is them underacheiving considering the players they have. Their striking options are great but who will they choose, Id love to see Munian. Wonder if they will take Torres...

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France I think will come good this year compared to poor showing in the last few years, Ribery is playing some fantastic stuff this season.

Germany with Gotze, Muller, Ozil ect will light up the Euros imo…really looking forward to seeing this team that done so well in the WC.

Actually think Spain will struggle with players like Silva (looking burnt out already), Villa (recovering from bad injury) and Iniesta has had a fair few knocks this season…although when I say struggle I mean get to the semis!

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I suppose I still am looking forward to him testing himself against the best to see how he fares, but now its with a tinge of regret that hes no longer our player to have a great tournament and have the big clubs sniffing around for a ridiculous fee.

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