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The best save?


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  1. 1. What's the best save out of these two phenomenal stops

    • The Goalie v The Mhanks
    • Shagger v Werder Bremen
    • Can't decide

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Since there was a topic about two of our great keepers the other day, I thought I'd get an opinion on what everyone thought was the best save out of these two crackers. I was always maintained that The Goalie's save was the best I'd seen but after watching that and Shagger's save just there, I'm not so sure.

Anyway, you know what to do

Shagger's save -

The Goalie's save -


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The save at Hibernian earlier this season, off O'Connor, was a world-class save in my opinion. It says a lot when a striker compliments a goalkeeper, and O'Connor gave ours immediate credit after that save. O'Connor did nothing special, but the ball was well on its way in because of the angle it found itself in.

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doh! Schoolboy error with Sporting instead of Bremen.

As for including the penalty save, was only wanting the opinion on what was the better of these two, even though that would be my favourite ever goalkeeping moment from a Gers keeper (tu)

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i still prefer wattereus' save after we scored the equaliser in Porto, that save got us to the last 16

Also when we pumped Dunfermline 6-1 at home, when it was 2-1 Klos made an outstanding save to keep it 2-1 and the rest is history

Lastly Klos made a stormer against Parma in the 2-0 game after an Amo error

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