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Underrated players

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Papac, from the moment he put Messi in his back pocket for 90 mins.

Hemdani. Stout fucker in the middle, Edu does a shadow of the job he did.

Boyd was slated for never scoring against the scum, but we'd have won nothing without the 25 other goals he scored a year.

And Alexander, because having a keeper like that who could step in on a moment's notice and do a job is nearly impossible to put a value figure on.

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It's funny how no one noticed Davis' well-below-par performances during most of this season and last, due to the fact Edu was carrying him through most games.

Edu constantly caters for Davis in midfield.

No-one noticed? Plenty of people on here slated Davis.

Edu carrying Davis and that last sentence is 1 of the worst opinions I've ever read on here.

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Kenny Miller is a sure fire one. I always felt Papac & Alexander are another two underrated on here.

Back in the olden days Shota is a good shout (tu)

Shota in the "olden days"? What age are you? 16? :lol:

Johnny "dinghy" Hamilton or back in my olden days I thought Dave Smith was underrated.

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Alec Cleland for me. Steady as fuck full back who played the back end of 9 in a row side. Never let the side down plus he scored against them bastards at the piggery.

Remember Cleland getting raped by Del Piero when we played Juve and he had enough and just kicked him and got sent off!

Stuart Munro and Tugay for me though

Munro - consistent

Tugay - class

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