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POLL - Steven Naismith versus Andy Carroll

Which of the two players would you choose ?  

222 members have voted

  1. 1. Steven Naismith

    • Andy Carroll
    • Steven Naismith

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Assuming both players were fully fit and available for selection and you had to choose just one of them to play in the biggest match of your ( fictional ) managerial career - which of the two players would you choose and why?

Try to be objective in your vote/answer. (tu)

I would choose Steven Naismith every day of the week and twice on Sundays simply because I believe he is a far far better player than the Englishman. :sherlock:

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I wonder who is gonna win this

OK , I admit I would have been very surprised if our Naisy didn't come out on top of the poll by a fair margin mate (tu) but I wanted to highlight the value of Naisy to our club and point out the unfairness of the ( scandalous )valuation that has been placed on Steven by Fulham just recently.

We need to let those that would take advantage of our financial plight know Steven Naismith is a better player than £35 million rated Carroll - and we know it - and we are well aware of those clubs , including Fulham , aiming to rip us off during the most difficult time in our clubs history.

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