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Craig Beattie - my opinion has changed

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when he first went to hearts i couldn't stand him, simply because he used to play for THEM. but after they way he celebrated today haha. doesn't look like a tim to me. anyone else agree??

Sure he was a rangers man.

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iv noticed lennon spends most days sitting on twitter arguing with rangers fans. the ultimate professional..... and the tims are under the impression that his responses are witty... here's his latest twitter episode:

@OfficialNeil hoopers goal was offside so it evened it self out you fucking muppet

his reply:

@mccart3204 no he was not

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I remember a time during the 2006/07 season, McLeish's last, when we played them and he was through alone in our half with Kryiagkos only tracking back. Totally fluffs his shot, not under any pressure, hit it way earlier then he should have.

Got me thinking thats all....

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Loved his celebration. Heard years ago that he supported us when he was younger, my pal said his Dad has a King Billy tattoo but I doubt that :lol:

he hasn't................ its a union jack,with st andrews cross and the red hand. I've got the holiday pics to show it somewhere. :craphead:

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