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Enough has been said about Headcase and his disregard for opinions other than his own.

Why was he even in the dugout yesterday ?

Could it be that his 3 outstanding visits to Vinny's sit down have been delayed in order to avoid a ban for the Heart's loss ??

It's a month since the Killie defeat, really WTF

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he's already on 3 charges, then he pu on twitter last night...

"i think it's personal" which clearly implies he thinks there is a bias within the refs, they are out to get him.

then, he puts "lets pack our bags and leave this corrupt league" - even though not his words, he published that statement on his page.

that should be another 2 charges to add to the list.

he's a laughing stock.

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Quick enough when it's one of ours.


Served notice within days of alleged incident...Lennon as we all know is an exception to w rules in this country, he seems to dance to his own tune while others get the book thrown at them.

He has only been the manager for 2 and a bit years and must have been pulled up more than a dozen times now, it’s cringe worthy stuff and even more despicable is the fact the powers that be seem to let this ginger roaster do whatever he pleases.

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If anyone should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute, this despicable little 'man' should be. Yes Neil they're out to get you - thats what they do when you run 70 yard onto the pitch to verbally assault the referee. Althought perhaps he was actually angry that Hooper's offside goal was given?

No thought not, when it goes in their favour it's all laughs and jokes and everyone's their mate but as soon as they lose its toys out the pram time. I have a plea to Lemon and his mhanky shower of hypocrites - for fuck sake please GO, go to England, Ireland or the fucking moon because we sure as hell don't want your bleating, whining, pathetic nonsense in this country anymore.

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If you look at online newspaper comments the amount of his own support who agree with him is staggering..

Didn't Souness get roasted for being in the tunnel 1 game when he was supposed to be banned ??

Have players not been warned for years that how they behave can have serious consequences in the crowd

Lennon & Celtic, because they can stop this nutter stirring up a riot, need much more in the way of reprisals than any club caught in a recession

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I fear someone is going to end up seriously hurt before the behavior of that man is fully looked at and acted upon.

Thats what I'm talking about, spot on...

What has to happen before he gets thrown out of Scotland, do we have to wait for an official to be killed ??

ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ who support his cause, correct me if I'm wrong but are they not terrorists ??

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was reading this article on the BBC and thought of Lemon.


i think this could be a good punishment.

i think the SFA should impose a fine on Lemon and force him to take a test on acceptable social behaviour.

i think questions in the test should include such questions as:

Do you think it is acceptable to sprint agreesively to a referee and point your finger in his face? Yes / No

Do you accept that you cannot call referees criminals because your team lost a game? Yes / No

(feel free to add appropriate questioning for the acceptable social behaviour exam).

failing the exam should be punishable by imposing a dug-out ban on him until such times as he is able to pass the exam.

good idea?

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