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How Do Chelsea Overcome Barcelona?

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I won £400 betting on Chelsea this week.

But you know what, the best part isn't that, it's proving that Chelsea are better than Barcelona even when Barcelona get the ref decisions.

Oh and I got a lot of money for that obvious Chelsea red card. :pipe:

To Barcelona fans, I give you this as a final word.

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No mentions in any replays, can't even rewind as it's SkyGo, it'll be up and about the internet tomorrow I'm sure - not that Barca haven't cheated decisions enough times anyway, but still - can't stand Chelsea.

I remember when they first got taken over, suddenly everyone at school supported them, one mate who was 'bored with them' one year, suddenly became their biggest fan the next.

Can't be 100% positive, but on re-watching it looked like it hit the upper left chest near the shoulder of the Blues' defender, so I think it was correct not to call it.

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He lost the ball a lot last night, but he's a great player

Not for me Alan, he continuously loses the ball and get’s early bookings far too often meaning he has to be less combative for most of the game which is his strength as a midfielder.

I’d rather have Essien in the team or even young Romeu who I don’t think has done much wrong to not be getting starts.

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