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Reading promoted tonight

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Fantastic achievement from Brian McDermott. :clap: I remember Reading being mid-table half way through the season but they've won something like 15 out of 17 matches to go all the way to the top, despite selling Shane Long and Matt Mills in the summer.

They've got new investment from a Russian tycoon as well so could go well for them in the top flight.

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Considering how well Norwich and Swansea have done this season, the new guy might be a bit reluctant to spend too much on a winning team. Having said that, their strikeforce does consist of a guy who was playing League 2 football last year and Jason Roberts. Strengthen in the right areas though, and they'll do well under McDermott.

Roberts has been a key signing to help them over the line, although probably a bit past it for the top flight now.

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Really pleased for Brian Mcdermott.

A proper manager and coach, not one of these wankers who believe they have to be seen to be doing something on the touchline and who spend all game telling players what to do. He gives his players his trust and lets them express themselves.

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

They make the best managers imho. I hate most of the jump up and down, ooh look at me and how passionate I am, managers

I do as well, generally.

I was talking more about his interviews though, I find it hard to not only focus, but actually hear what he's saying through his mumbling.

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