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Assembly advice to creditors


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For those that have not decided or are unsure about how to respond to the Creditor's Report, the Rangers Fans' Groups provide the following advice.

SEASON TICKET HOLDERS - As we are virtually certain to fulfil our remaining fixtures, there is effectively nothing to claim so we recommend you don't need to complete and return any of the forms. If we all return the forms, the administrative effort will be huge and will be charged to the Club as part of the Administrator's fee.

BOND HOLDERS - In view of the total value of the Bond holders claims, we recommend that you complete both Appendix 6 and Appendix 8 - attached are templates you can download, complete and return by post or you can complete online and return by e-mail.

Post to Duff & Phelps, 43-45 Portman Square, London W1H 6LY or e-mail to rangers@duffandphelps.com

CREDITOR'S COMMITTEE - We recommend that you nominate Robert McElroy for the Creditor's Committee to ensure that fans have a representative if such a Committee is formed. Robert is a lifelong fan, author of the Rangers Historian and other Rangers publications and he has indicated he is prepared to take on the role.

CREDITOR'S MEETING - We don't see the value in requesting a meeting. It will be very difficult to arrange and manage and the costs will be charged to the Club as part of the Administrator's fees.

The forms needed are up on their site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bluenose-Rangers-Supporters-Assembly/200509926704378

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Difficult to know - but the bond-holders I know have no intentions of claiming. One just wants to know if and when he can buy another :D

You can claim and later withdraw, which I would do if I had one - hopefully the new owner will honour them.

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