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Duff & Phelps - Radio Clyde


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I didn't catch the whole thing but the basis of what he was saying apparently was that if Miller's bid goes ahead it is a new company going forward.

Seemed to be yearning for the Blue Knights to return.

He also reiterated that Whyte not an "impediment" to the sale of the club.

Anyone else here it and can give a fuller outline of what was said just so everyone can analyze?

Cheers (tu)

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didn't someone predict liquidation on Monday yesterday.

even I argued with him :(

They did, but apparently we were meant to make it to the end of the season thanks to the players wage cuts.

Liquidation is a bigger threat today than it was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be an even bigger threat.

The fact of the matter is not one single bidder has taken responsibilty and said "right fuck the lot of you, i want to save rangers and i'm going to do it now.". Instead they've been full of "no no, after you Sir, kind sir, after you.".

Due to this, we are on the brink if existance :( EVERYONE - from DM through to Duff and Phelps and down to Bill Ng - must be held responsible for what has happened.

It's a fucking sad state of affairs GS, a sad day indeed.

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