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Common sense

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It's time for some common sense to be applied in this whole saga.

At this time we are looking at a CVA to untangle the mess that we are in, this may or may not be successful and we end up liquidated.

My belief is that liquidation has always been the preferred outcome of the main players, whoever they may be.

I believe the game has changed and the potential exposure to all concerned should liquidation happen has got them on the back foot. The resultant enquiry into how we ended up being liquidated would leave no stone unturned and flush out the players and motivation behind it.

The one thing everyone involved has forgotten is that we aren't just a football club we are an institution and the morally bankrupt who are playing this game are up against a fan base who refuse to accept that anything other than the continuation of our great club.

There are many reasons to apply common sense, the penalties by the SPL, players contracts, uefa etc these issues would seriously undermine our future cash flow ability and cost any future owner far more money than liquidation would save.

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David Hillier (the tim :rolleyes:) said as much earlier on. He talked particularly about Whyte's role in the takeover process and how he will not want liquidation because of the huge scrutiny that this will place upon his takeover, his conduct during his stewardship and finally his role in our move into adminstration. I just hope that this proves to be enough of a disincentive for those who hold our future in their hands

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