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Whyte demanding 2 seats for life in the Directors box

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As well as holding onto 20% of the shares.<br style="font-family: arial, helvetica, verdana; font-size: 13px; ">

Shamefully, he insists the best he can do for Rangers is to let 65.3 per cent of them pass into the hands of the people who will have to clean up his mess.

Whyte wants to keep 20 per cent of them for himself, presumably in the hope that the actions of the next owner might actually make them worth something. In other words, Whyte wants to sit back and cash in while someone else sifts through the carnage. He wants a pay day for his lies, mismanagement and deceit.

The man who stopped paying tax on the club's wage bill – and who lumbered Rangers with a new debt mountain of £55m in just 10 months – now somehow believes he deserves his big reward.

He is also holding out for the right to appoint two directors on to the next board, men of his choosing who will be there, no doubt, to look after his best interests. And just so he can keep an eye on things, Whyte is also looking for two season tickets. Every season. For life.

They won't be cheap ones either. Whyte's seats are to be reserved for the directors' box and, if not, then there will be no deal with Murray, Miller or whoever else might be trying to make this sick club better.

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