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Well if it got explained it would descend into a petty argument and that's the last thing we need right now.

United we stand

Together we prevail

Sounds good and I hope you all can get together.

Here's an idea for you take the initiative here by contacting all other spokespersons, leaders of groups etc.

Give them all a login to a secure forum so you can debate and refine ideas to help our club.

If everybody pulls together to work on new ideas before our enemies get wind of what your up to they stand a much better chance of working.

Let's keep the declans in the dark until ideas,protests etc. Have been thought out.

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I was just about to post it on there, but they seem to be having issues again due to a lot of people logging in :rolleyes:

Can't say I'm surprised.

It is still on the first page on FF.Here is hoping it stays there,the time for unity is now or never

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United we stand divided we fall and all that ....

... great....

... look we all want whats best for Rangers, we all want vengance (and that is a growing list !!) ....

.... but we fans lack leadership - and until we adress a 'forum' / format / organisation where we can apply/ debate and come to agreement on action then we can all postulate about being 'one' but where will that leadership come from that will give us the gaols and actions we can unite behind?

I like the RTIDNI initiative for paying the clubs fine - great idea and I will contribute to that as I did to the RFFF.

Now I am all for taking some action against the SFA - they are self serving idiots but I could never support any protest if it was based on some premise that we were fighting against some sort of Kathlic cabal - for me it is enough that the SFA are stupid that would make me want to change the structure.

Ditto the SPL - the rule changes they want are 'sensible' the timing and timescale shite.

WE all have a lot of fear, anger, frustration and a need to contribute to and change things to make sure our football club survives and has a level playing field moving forward - our challenges are large enough without stupidity getting in our way. We dont want favours, or special treatment but we have no faith that actions taken and proposed are even handed either.

What we need is real leadership where we can unite behind a strategy, a plan, a call or calls to action. Ones we will back even is we disgree with them as we have faith in the leadership and the process that has led to the call to action.

So the challenge is not is uniting as a fan base but in getting the leadership we can get behind. I have seen little evidence that this leadership exists in any current fan organisation or group - so my conlusion is that leadership will, in realitty, only come from one place and that is the new owners of the club - whoever wins this battle is in that natural position of leadership and I sure as hell hope that whoever wins has that skill, has a plan and if they call me to action I will serve!

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VG also issued this statement

VGB admin would like to applaud the statement made today by Mark Dingwall which quite rightly pointed out the bias within the SFA. We would also like to applaud the work done by him and many others behind the scenes in ensuring that Rangers Football Club continues to operate as a football club.

There is no point pretending any more that things will simply work out and that we will continue as normal.

The situation is now so dire that Rangers FC are in very real danger of ceasing to exist full stop. Therefore we at VGB are making it crystal clear we will support any and all efforts by Mark Dingwall, The Rangers Supporters Trust, The Assembly and indeed ANY group who are fighting to save Rangers FC.

All differences of opinion and strategy are being left behind where they belong.

The only issue that matters is the safety of Rangers FC and we stand ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure we all have a football team to support for years to come.

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Pity the grand master doesnt want to put differences aside :rolleyes:

I was threatened and abused at Ibrox this morning by a gentleman in a car ranting and raving about violence and his support for a certain website.

He then went to the trouble of turning his car further down Edminston Drive and coming back up on the school side so that he was nearer to me and could disrupt the interview Sky News were conducting (I did them after doing SSN live). James Matthews and his cameraman will attest.

I suggest that some who would wish to be part of the Rangers Family need more than a little schooling and fewer crocodile tears.

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