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Please help to save our Club!


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Having been “nursing my wrath to keep it warm” since last night’s disgraceful decision by the SFA, I have decided to try and take some constructive action. Bumping my gums on RM is not enough for me, therefore I have written to the below organisation to register my disgust, and submitted an on on-line petition to the Scottish government, “Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

Investigate the SFA and SPLs handling of matters since Rangers FC went into administration and why no practical help was given to the club during this time.”

The last link is where it will appear; if not, all of this may well have been a waste of time. However, I cannot think of a better way to waste my time than to try to save my club!!!

Thank you for sending in your petition, of which I confirm receipt. One of the clerks to the Committee will be in contact with you in due course to discuss the wording of the petition with you.



Chris Hynd 
Committee Assistant

Public Petitions Committee 
Scottish Parliament 
Edinburgh, EH99 1SP

Direct Dial: 0131 348 5254 
RNID Typetalk: 18001 0131 348 5254 
Fax: 0131 348 5600 
Email: chris.hynd@scottish.parliament.uk

Sign the petition and write your letter of complaint. One final point; don’t forget to send a message of support to our club.






WATP. :21:

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