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New Livingston RSC's response


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Below is the letter we have just forwarded to Rangers.

We don't expect that it's going to change the world but it's something at least we feel we can do to exert some pressure on those set on killing the club.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please note that it is New Livingston RSC's intention to decline our entire allocation for away matches in both league and cup competitions for season 2012-2013. Our individual members have also committed themselves to this undertaking and will not be applying for any away match tickets through their season ticket applications.

This decision has been taken in direct response to the draconian sanctions imposed on Rangers by the SFA.

In addition to the severity of this punishment, the timing of this announcement at such a significant stage in the administration process, coupled with the timing of the SPL's previous announcement on potential sanctions for any 'Newco', is also highly irregular and leaves us in no doubt whatsoever as to the motives of these bodies in a wider sense.

We will not therefore stand idly by and allow the future of Rangers Football Club to be jeopardised in this way.

We firmly believe that the players and management will be as appalled as we are at the stance taken, and will fully understand our decision not to line the pockets of those attempting to emasculate Scotland's biggest club while we are at our weakest.

In the words of our manager "we don't do walking away" so we will continue to attend every home match with our usual numbers and support the team in such a way that it is of financial benefit to Rangers, and Rangers alone.

Kindest Regards,

New Livingston Rangers Supporters Club

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