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what is his statement?

This is on the STV website:

Stewart Regan has stood by the decision of a Scottish Football Association to impose sanctions on Rangers for five breaches of the governing body’s rules.

The chief executive and his organisation are under fire from supporters, with the Ibrox club having been fined £160,000 and banned from registering new players for 12 months.

“In light of last night’s outcome from the Judicial Panel Tribunal, it is important to clarify the process through which such cases are heard,” Regan said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Judicial Panel Tribunal is an independent body made up of three members appointed from a list of more than 100.

“The implementation of the Judicial Panel process was approved unanimously by all member clubs at last year’s Annual General Meeting to bring efficiency, transparency and independence to the execution of football rules.

“The Scottish FA acted on the advice of our members to implement a robust disciplinary system that reflected the demands of the modern game.

“The sanctions imposed by the Judicial Panel Tribunal last night are subject to appeal. As the Scottish FA is the appellate body, it is inappropriate to discuss the findings of this particular Tribunal at this stage.

“I can fully understand the fear and frustration felt by all Rangers fans throughout the most difficult period in the club’s history.

“The Scottish FA has a responsibility to all its members and must implement its rules without fear or favour.”

Regan also stated his belief that Rangers are needed in Scottish football for the game to thrive but again stated the requirement of the Scottish FA to act fairly.

“It is important the Scottish FA, as the governing body, works in association with the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League to reinvigorate the national sport," he said.

“Rangers have been part of the fabric of Scottish football’s history and are integral to its future prosperity.

“The Scottish FA must act with integrity and with the best interests of the game at heart. It is with this in mind that we await any appeal from the club.”

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He lied in the papers today where he said that the independent committee under Lord Nimmo was entirely independent of the SFA. He appointed the members of it AND was also a member himself. That make him a proven liar in my book.

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Stewart Regan is a fenian bastard who is working on behalf of Celtic and doing what they tell him.

If you are reading this ya fenian bastard come ahead and sue me in a court of law if i'm lying, where the facts will be laid bare in a real court.

I dare you ya prick.

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