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McCoist Speaks Out

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ALLY McCOIST had demanded the SFA reveals who has imposed a transfer embargo on Rangers which he feels could KILL the club.

The Light Blues manager was as shocked as anyone last night when the national game's governing body revealed Gers can't sign any players for the next 12 months.

Even though it was an independent judicial panel which made that ruling, McCoist maintains the association is ultimately responsible for applying it.

It's a move McCoist believes could cripple the 54-times Scottish champions as they seek to move out of administration in the long term and make forward strides again.

The Ibrox boss is aware the SFA's ruling could have serious implications on the bids for the club placed by the Blue Knights and American Bill Miller.

And he is adamant he, staff and fans of the club have a right to know who is making such calls and how they are arriving at their verdicts.

McCoist was speaking in one of the most explosive interviews of his career which you can see in full on tonight's Blues News on RangersTV.tv with Lindsay Herron.

The manager said: "Plain and simply, I think it is an absolutely shocking decision.

"I found out the decision last night and I was shocked and absolutely appalled by the way this supposedly independent judicial panel was coming down on us in this form.

"Who are these people? I want to know who these people are.

"I'm a Rangers supporter and the Rangers supporters and the Scottish public deserve to know who these people are, people who are working for the SFA.

"Make no mistake about it, this is an SFA decision. They have appointed the panel so therefore they are working for the SFA, but who are they?

"I think we have a right to know who is handing out this punishment to us, I really do.

"Like everyone else involved - our team, our supporters, our staff and a lot of neutrals - I am staggered at the severity of the punishment.

"This decision could kill our football club, simple as that. Make no mistake about it.

"This panel is not totally to blame for the death of our football club if it happens but this particular decision could kill our football club.

"You would hope there would be sympathetic ears within the SFA over an appeals process, but you just don't know what is coming next. It is complete and utter guesswork.

"In terms of our supporters, again they have received another kicking and we just feel it's time to start fighting back. You can guarantee we will be fighting back."


Super Ally.


McCoist also said on Rangers TV:

MANAGER Ally McCoist admits he agrees with Rangers fans that a drop to Scotland's fourth tier may be a realistic, if drastic, measure for the Light Blues.

McCoist was left astonished by the rulings of the SFA's Judicial Panel Tribunal last night and now concedes that, while it would be damaging for Scottish football, a move down three divisions may be the way forward.

He told RangersTV: "Some fans have been suggesting this and I am leaning towards it myself.

"Make no mistake about it, it would be an unbelievably drastic measure and it will have an incredible impact on Scottish football - and not for the good.

"But if they are going to continue to impose sanctions on us and make things extremely difficult for us to defend ourselves then maybe, just maybe, it might be the right thing.

"We are hanging by our fingertips. We're really at the do or die stage and I can't reinforce that opinion enough."

The Rangers boss was keen to stress the importance of the SFA's sanctions and the inevitable delays on the process of moving the club out of administration.

And he demanded answers on a number of outstanding issues surrounding the club and its previous sale.

He added: "This is unbelievably serious. We do not have any time and we now have a problem where we must appeal this but that again is going to take time which we don't have.

"The people within the club - the supporters and the staff - deserve answers and I believe there is a police inquiry going on into the purchase of our football club.

"As a supporter, I want to know about that. I want to know the results of the inquiry and about the dealings with Ticketus, Craig Whyte and Lloyds Bank.

"I certainly want to know about the dealings with one or two members of the previous board and what their involvement was.

"We need answers, we deserve answers and it's time we got them."


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I share McCoists sentiments - but it has to be said we've put up with this for too long.

McCoist wants to know who made th decision, and why they were given the responsibilty of making such decisions.

But when the chief exec of your biggest rivals is a board member of the SFA what can you expect? Obviously it's not a level playing field, it hasn't been for some time.

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Hear hear Super :clap:

Answers are desperately needed regarding the decision as well as the decision makers. To be kicked while we are down like the sfa continually do to us is nothing short of criminal, these types of sanctions would never be brought against a lesser team or dare I say it they mhanky fucks.

I felt that all the posts about boycotts earlier on in this whole debacle were nothing more than bluster, now however it seems like the only way to get ourselves heard.

Either we stay in this league with those jokes of sanctions at least lessened or I wont be happy until other teams and that piss take of an organisation are brought down with us.


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Ally's statement is bang on. Once again we have been sold down the river by the authorities, whose members stand to gain most from our demise.

Liewell should not be allowed to sit on any panel / board that is dealing with any of our cases.

They say that every man has his day, well step up to the plate Donald Findlay, your day has arrived. Its about time we had someone fighting our corner

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