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Witney accused of forging Whytes Signature

North Rd

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Phillips added: “Mr Whyte and Mr Withey conspired together with intent to injure the club by unlawful means. The principal purpose or objective of the conspiracy was the acquisition by group of the majority stake.

“Mr Whyte and Mr Withey knew that the share issue and the takeover were mutually exclusive alternatives […] and the success of the conspiracy would therefore cause financial detriment to the club in the sum of £25m. […] The club will therefore incite the court to conclude that they intended to cause loss to the club or were recklessly indifferent.”

Where`s the Polis and why are we getting these sanctions heaped on us during a criminal investigation, the victims of a crime are being hammered and destroyed.

The case will not help if won to save us, which is bloody typical.

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Ffs I know the theory innnocent till proven guilty but in this case that's like the Tabacco companies past claims that smoking does not cancer..

We should accept no deal that lets Shyte walk away from these allegations and this case!

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What chance does anyone have when proof of funding is provided but turns out to be fraudulent, forged letters from solicitors?

To call it scandalous doesn't even begin to cover it.

Surely these are criminal acts not merely a bit of Del Boy dodgy dealing...mad.gif

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Fraud Act 2006 Section 993

Offence of fraudulent trading(1)If any business of a company is carried on with intent to defraud creditors of the company or creditors of any other person, or for any fraudulent purpose, every person who is knowingly a party to the carrying on of the business in that manner commits an offence.

(2)This applies whether or not the company has been, or is in the course of being, wound up.

(3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable—

(a)on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years or a fine (or both);

(b)on summary conviction—

(i)in England and Wales, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding twelve months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum (or both);

(ii)in Scotland or Northern Ireland, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum (or both).

Now I'm no legal expert but surely both SDM and in particular Shyte must be on shaky ground.

So why is there no police investigation? Why no comments on tis from the RST 'legal eagles' who appeared to have enough legal expertize to debunk the Miller proposals?

I'd be happy to see a police / government investigation into this whole sorry mess. I want the people who have done untold damege to our club punished............ Saudi Arabia, Friday lunchtime springs to mind. :beer1:

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The SFA are a bunch of wankers. Fact is, we would not have appointed Whyte if we knew what he was up to, once he was in there was nothing we could do due to the complexity of the deception. The SFA are charged with a duty of care to its members, that is why they must ensure fit and proper people take control of its members. By fining and banning Whyte themselves, it proves they were negligent in their duties.

To punish Rangers for the SFA's own lack of competence is embarrassing. Rangers should sue the SFA for damages, for negligence. And all imposed sanctions should be taken to court if appeals are unsuccessful.

It is time to fight this shit, acceptance is no longer an option, the SFA have been shown up for what they are - biased and negligent.

Time to act.

I suggest a consortium of Rangers fans whom are Lawyers and perhaps even like business-minded people should start the ball rolling to help the club. We need a single voice to fight our corner in the press and take action to send letters to appropriate bodies whom have damaged or are trying to damage the club.

This needs to be handled professionally, these people need to know they are being watched and their every action is being turned inside out. Hunting season is open and we are the prey, we have to fight back in a way forcing these people to take notice.

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