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Bill Leckie slams Rangers,FF and Mark Dingwall

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Lifted from FF

THERE'S an old saying, you should be careful who you trample on your way up, because you might need them on your way back down.

Rarely has it applied more than in the meltdown of Rangers Football Club.

There's an element at Ibrox who, when they were flying, wouldn't have peed on the rest of Scottish football had it been on fire.

If you're not with them, you're against them. Do, say or write anything they don't agree with and... well, they all know what you are.

That element went all the way up to David Murray and all the way down to guys like Mark Dingwall, who's gone from running an abusive website to casting himself as spokesman for a generation.

Between them, they've left anyone and everyone in their sights without a name.

So what makes them think that now it's all gone pear-shaped, the world will drop everything and help them out of the s***?

Which is not to say I believe the rank and file of Rangers supporters deserve what's happening to their club. I'm not saying they had this day coming. Nor am I convinced the SFA's ruling is the right one, because they shouldn't be trusted to run a bath, never mind the national sport.

The transfer embargo makes sense, as it's the debt run up through vanity signings that has — in part, at least — taken them to the brink of oblivion. But demanding money from a business who has none? Anyone who's ever been hit with a £30 surcharge for going overdrawn knows how illogical that is.

What is fair? I'm not sure. All I know is that to give in to rabble-rousing mouthpieces like Dingwall and let them reinvent themselves without punishment because it's The Rangers, is a non-starter.

Where were they when Clydebank and Airdrie and Gretna were dying, when Motherwell and Dundee and Livingston were in administration?

Hitting the phone-ins to sneer that no one should weep, because there were too many clubs in Scotland anyway, that's where.

But I've long since warned the excrement would really hit the extractor when a big club went belly-up, churned endless columns about how Murray's ego-driven, My Tenner To Your Fiver bravado would end in tears. So fans' groups can re-write history all they like and pretend everything was dandy until that nasty man Whyte got his hands on them. But they're only kidding themselves.

Yes, the SFA's investigation centred on the chaotic reign of this chinless, gutless chancer.

But where's the probe into Murray's role? When are the fans going to turn their anger on a man who saw HMRC coming over the hill like a million Apaches and palmed the whole shooting match off to that chancer for a quid?

It might make the punters feel big to boycott William Hill and Vauxhall because they put cash into the SFA, but that's going to solve nothing.

Rangers are rooked because Murray — aided, by the likes of his namesake Paul, who sat there as they unravelled, yet now claims he's their saviour — hurled money at foreigners with no sell-on value, who took the club no further up the European ladder than they'd been with a team farmed in Kinning Park and Bellshill.

None of this is the fault of the SFA or their sponsors or journalists or anyone else on the most-wanted list of the No One Likes Us We Don't Care brigade.

It's 100 per cent at the door of men they followed blindly because they promised the earth.

Rangers, as a club, are the ones who did the crime. Now, they have to do the time.

And the worst they get is not being able to sign players for 12 months. They've got off with probation.

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Where as Goram says.....

HERE’S my tip to the SFA to solve the Rangers mess — go ahead and dump the club in Division Three.

It looks to me like that’s where this is all heading.

And I say — OK. Bring it on.

But if you do, remember it was what YOU wanted.

The £160,000 fine imposed on the club on Monday, as well as the 12-month ban on signing players, will accomplish only one thing.

It will make finding someone willing to take over Rangers so much harder.

It also brings liquidation one step closer.

I’m at the stage where I’m so sick of picking up newspapers and reading more body-blows aimed at the club that I tell you — enough’s enough.

Impose the big sanction. Do your worst.

Order a Rangers newco to start in Division Three.

Well, why not?

I’m at the stage now where I’m actually quite looking forward to the prospect.

The £160,000 fine doesn’t look as though it’ll hold much water. Rangers will probably appeal it.

And even if they don’t, where’s £160,000 supposed to come from when the club’s in the grubber?

As for the 12-month signing ban, there weren’t going to be any marquee signings, anyway, so that’s another empty gesture.

But if the club had to start in Division Three, all I can see is a nightmare ahead for Scottish football.

Immediately, SKY will tear up the big-money TV deal that stipulates there must be four Old Firm games a season.

SPL clubs will suddenly discover that money they’d banked on isn’t there.

Some top clubs have found it hard enough to pay their players WITH the TV deal in place. How the hell are they going to do it without that money rolling in?

Across the city, Celtic face a wilderness of cantering to the title every season.

It sounds great for them.

But it isn’t what the Joe Ledleys and the Gary Hoopers came to Scotland for.

They came for competitive big-game action, games their mates down south can see on the telly.

That means the Old Firm games — which will no longer be there.

So suddenly they’re up here banging in goals against St Mirren and Inverness, then having to ring their families down south to tell them about it.

Because no-one down there will know or care about a one-horse SPL.

That has a massive effect on every aspect of the game here. Crowds will dwindle, interest will diminish.

Who’s going to buy advertising hoardings round the parks when TV’s not there to show them?

I believe that if Rangers were dumped down three divisions it would be the SPL and every club in it that would suffer.

And if Rangers are packed off to Division Three, then let’s get Murray Park working. Let’s get their equivalents of the Tony Watts coming through.

Good on Celtic for finding the kid who got a double at Motherwell on Sunday. Good on the kid for taking his chance when it came along.

Now it’s Rangers’ chance to find them, nurture them and get them exposed to Third Division defenders and conditions.

The likes of Jamie Ness, Rhys McCabe and Ross Perry can be the mainstays of the Rangers first-team for years to come.

If they have to start off doing so in the Third Division, so be it.

Hopefully it’ll be three promotions in a row and by the time the club’s back in the SPL these kids will have the experience and quality to maintain a challenge.

As for the SPL’s colleagues at the SFA, they’ve simply done their best to kill the club.

I thought they were supposed to be looking after their member clubs, not punishing them?

Craig Whyte? He’s becoming more of a sick joke by the day.

Hours before Lord Nimmo Smith’s Independent Inquiry announced their decision, he demanded a seat on the Ibrox board. Good luck with that.

His demand for four seats in the directors’ box for life was just nonsense.

It would have meant four empty seats at every game.

Everything about the bloke’s bizarre. He’s been all talk from day one.

It’s been like Michael Knighton taking over Manchester United, minus the keepie-uppie on the pitch. Knighton had hee-haw and Whyte’s the same — with the difference being Whyte’s told lies right from the start, about being banned as a company director to begin with.

But what happened to the SFA doing due diligence?

David Murray has said he was duped by Whyte, but I find it amazing that a man of his business experience can be so easily hoodwinked.

And STILL nobody basically knows anything about Whyte!

So my overall view is this, if we’re going down let’s get it done. The club will survive.

And for the organisations in Scottish football looking forward to celebrating, I say this.

Be careful what you wish for. It might just happen


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Gorams been a bit hit and miss recently, but he's pretty much summed up most fans way of the thinking.

Its fair to say all of us are sick of the continuous attack against us and if extreme measures are needed its almost worth it so they reprobates at the sfa can drown.

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Like we are all David Murray worshippers

He must have been pished when he wrote that

I laughed when I was reading the article and reached that bit, is he that fucking naive that he thinks the mass majority of Rangers fans think this all started with whyte? doh

Or is he just a typical journo that writes wat he pleases? Seems likely to be the latter :wanker:

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Here's what we done for those Teams who suffered, and got away unpunished unlike us,we filled their Chairmen's Pockets full of notes you blod sucker.

And by the way whilst we are on the subject,we also carried the Coo eficient in Europe for Years as well.

See if the Scum will help with that.

If we go to the 3rd ,I will Laugh when I see the rest crash and Burn.

As for the media, they fed of us for Years .It must stop now stop buying their Shite..

We must never ever forget these Individuals again.

Oh and meant to say suculant Lamb, and Smoka and Mirrors.Remember those.Didnt think you would.

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What a pile of dross, the piece clearly shows bias and is less than accurate IMO.

Yes Murray made a pigs ear of things but if we were to step back to before whyte took over We had Tax cases big and small and £18 mill owed to lloyds with Euro money yet to come which would have brought it down to say £15mill and there would have been some investment in playing staff too namely a striker and possibly a defender. I think miller would have been snapped up for £900K to resume their partneship with Jelavic and we would have reached champions league and subsequently Europa league though not much further.

Allowing we lose the tax case we would have had to go into admin but I read some Prof reckons £8mill would fix that and we would deal with LLoyds debt at same time which if HMRC agreed LLoyds would have no option being less than 25% of total CVA.

So at that time I reckon about £12mill would buy you rangers free and clear. No ticketus, no whyte shares to extricate, no additional £9.5mill tax etc. etc. So how is craig sodding whyte not the problem Leckie and this numpty has the cheek to call himself a journalist and who is the editor if I were murdoch I would be asking what the hell he was playing at and here's your P45 the pair of you.

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There is no doubt that Maxi-Murray had a lot of faults and if Leckie came on here then he'd see that Mr Vain doesn't get an easy ride from Rangers supporters at all. But the real problem for Rangers was the financial mess that Maxi-Murray's other businesses were in.

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