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Euromillions £36m Jackpot


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When's this for?

It's unlikely (impossible) it will take off but say just for talking sake you had the capacity of ibrox buying 1-5 tickets for this friday, it increases the chances of a bear winning 36m. I know the lottery is a farce and the odds are impossible, but this whole thing is becoming so desperate everything that can be tried to help save our club should be. As coisty says it is "Do or die" now, so why not. I would invest most of that money into Rangers in a heartbeat.

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I'll win the £36m.

I'll then become a leading Blue Knight and add £5m into the pot for the CVA. Give Ticketus £5m and then we'd owe them £5m over 5 years interest free.

Get the club running at a profit, and then once the dust has settled and no more cases to be heard i'd inject another £10m into the club and pay off any remaining debt and strengthen the team (within our means).

I'd obviously be a director, seat in the directors box for life.

I'd invest £10m of my cash in property rentals, get myself a decent regular income. Invest £3m in long term savings. Fritter the rest of the £3m on houses, cars, holidays and parties.

And then I wake up, it's the same dream every night

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