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York City for a Pound


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In March 2002, John Batchelor acquired the Club from BCH for just £1. At the same time, and unbeknown to the Trust, Batchelor pocketed a £400,000 payment and the Club’s security of tenure at Bootham Crescent was ended. Batchelor was in control of the Football Club for just eight months. He fed his own ego with a series of sometimes bizarre media utterings and lined his own pocket with the proceeds from the so-called sponsorship money that was supposed to have come to the Club. It transpired that Batchelor made a bad situation worse.

In April 2002 BCH entered into a secret deal with property company Persimmon plc (who happen to be headquartered in York), such that Persimmon would buy Bootham Crescent for £3.5 million when vacant possession is achieved (i.e. the football club has been ousted). In July 2002 Persimmon submitted a planning application to demolish York City’s Bootham Crescent home and replace it with 93 houses.

Having diverted the £400,000 away from the Football Club, Batchelor also committed the Club to costs far beyond its means such that, by December 2002, the Club had accumulated debts of around £1 million that, without corrective action, were forecast to climb by up to a further £3/4 million by June 2003. As the Club was plunged into Administration, the threat of the Club being liquidated was a very real prospect. The Club had been driven to the brink of extinction.

Looks as if Shyte was following a proven ;model'.... these cunts should be shot.

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