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3 man panel named

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These are DEFO !!!!! The 3 guys that were on it !!!

Apparantly the SFA were told if these guys names got out, the 3 would SUE the SFA !!!!!!!

GET IN THIER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get sueing boys, cause your 3 lifes are gony be a misery now !!!!

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So 3 man panel from SFA are alleged to be Gary Allan QC, Alastair Murning and Eric Drysdale.

Found this:

Margaret Gribbon


Margaret has specialised exclusively in employment law for over a decade and is a Law Society of Scotland Accredited Employment Law Specialist. Margaret has acted for PFA Scotland and its members for over 8 years, has considerable litigation experience and has gained an unrivalled reputation for effectively representing and advising Footballers on a wide range of contractual/employment disputes before Clubs, the SPL, SFL, SFA and FIFA.

Margaret has also acted for Footballers involved in disputes with Agents and is regularly appointed to represent the interests of Managers and Coaches within the Scottish game. Margaret has also recently been appointed to the SFA’s Judicial Panel.


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Guest dunky77

IF these really are the people who have so mercilessly hammered Rangers:

Why is the future of a massive football club and all of its dependants

put into the hands of the likes of a care-home owner?

Is he indicative of the highest level of expertise available to our

national football body?

This beggars belief!


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its on the daily telegraph in an article by roddy forsyth - hes getting pelters from taigs he also mentions that the old bill say alextomo "journalist assault" allegations are a "laughing stock". poor roddy has went off message, liewell will have him sacked

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There are hotheads amongst our support - there are hotheads amongst the support of all the other clubs - unfortunately in this fucking Tarrier-infested Alex-fucking-Bug-Eyes run footballing backwater it is only ever one set of hotheads the authorities ever pursue.

Level playing field?

My fucking arse. :angry:

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The fact the SFA felt it was acceptable to release details of unprecedented punishment but make us wait for up to 3 days to find out the reasons says it all.

How anyone is supposed to come to an understanding when we only have half the story I'll never know.

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