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Boycott and Facebook Page now live


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Please join my fb campaign and add me at the following:


here reads our first post, add to it and spread the word on this vile association, who have kicked the Gers for far too long, and whos decisions in recent days have set the

fans into a motion of events that will strike back.

How many times have the anti-Rangers SFA (scottish farcical arseholes) screwed us over? lets see:

Duncan Ferguson charade

Richard Gough

openly slammed for our Orange 3rd strip (why? its our club, our choice surely???)

forcing Rangers to play crunch games days before a UEFA cup final

banning our songs, yet letting ra sellik spout their hate-filled nonsense

punishing the Gers with imaginative newly made-up rules and regulations

12 month transfer embargo, a scottish first!

docked 10 points

£160,000 fine for the actions of one man

3 man independent panel deciding our punishment, one of which associated with Celtic Bhoys club (dread to think what goes on here)

the disgraceful treatment of mcgregor and ferguson

leniency on lennon, a man who has charged onto 6 parks this season spouting his hatred and frothing at the mouth like a luna-TIC(K)

add more to the list and wake-up all rangers fans to the treatment we have received from this vile association, share and spread to all true bears WATP No Surrender!!!


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