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An imaginary tale of transparency

Carsons Dog

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Imagine a succesful lawyer, now imagine him getting promoted and becoming a QC.

Now we all know the law in this country is transparent and we all have a right to know who our accusers are and indeed who sits in judgement of us.

The natural progression for a QC is to eventually become a Judge if they are good enough.

This takes quite a bit of time and a high profile career dealing with serious cases is a great help.

During the course of this high profile, succesful career it is inevitable that cases you have dealt with will attract considerable publicity.

Things like murders, rapes, assaults and the like get well reported in this transparent democracy in which we live.

Therefore a simple Google search of this high profile imaginary QC and budding Judge is undoubtedly going to reveal lots of details about high profile cases like murders rapes assaults etc.

However there is a catch in this imaginary QC's life of high profile cases and transparency.

A deep dark secret which the public will never get to know (stop sniggering at the back)

The QC has sat in judgement of someone and it must never ever be revealed that he is involved in this case.

Is it an international terrorist? a predatory paedophile murderer?

No -its a football team who went in to administration,

Gasp I hear you...... well gasp.

Dont businesses go into administration every day? Is the same secrecy afforded to people who sit in judgement of them?

Why can we not know who sits in judgement of a football team?

This whole process was instigated by Bheast FC under a guise of "transparency"

Its put us back 50 years.

Absolutely crazy.

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aye transparency the very thing the peadoes have been shouting for for years .and the first thing king peado liewell does is set up a secreet panel to judge rangers and make no mistake about it every one of these panels are hand picked when rangers are concerned and the verdict is known before they even meet.

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