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Hately on the Three Stooges


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ERIC DRYSDALE, Gary Allan and Alistair Murning. Or as I prefer to call them - Moe, Larry and Curly.

The SFA's "Three Stooges" who decided this week, in their wisdom, to hammer Rangers and threaten their existence by imposing a transfer ban on them.

A ruling that endangers the bidding process for one of Scotland's biggest clubs, which finds itself engulfed in a financial crisis. So much for the SFA servicing the Scottish game, eh?

What I want to know is, what qualifications do Drysdale, Allan and Murning have to sit on a judicial panel and dish out sanctions?

Do they have any sort of background at the top level of football?

the rest of the article is at

Hately Blog

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Well said Mark - Left the following comment on the page below his article...

RockingRod said:

Well well what a surprise its the concerted campaign to attack Mark Hateley gang again.

If you compare all of the current posted comments you can see the same thread running through them almost as if they were singing from the same hymn sheet eh? Or should that be from the same website??

Mark is the only one brave enough to voice his concerns on behalf of the club - yes there should be punishments nobody is disputing this but the timing of these and the last diatribe from the SPL are clearly designed to do the maximum damage at crucial stages in the potential sale of the club. The work of the master puppeteer from his lair at parkhead is written all over this.

The ridiculous stance by a certain section of the celtic support trying to spout nonsense from the moral high ground is laughable and the words Pot and Kettle spring to mind.

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