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Tme to consider radical action.


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There are many radical ideas which could and should be considered.

  1. Start another league with teams like Hearts, Dundee and middle Div 1 teams.
  2. Leave Scottish football for any level in England or possibly even Wales, Northern Ireland or indeed, the Republic.
  3. Take a break from Scottish competitive football to play in two-leg friendly matches

If we're out of Europe for at least a year, possibly three, and penalised in many separate draconian ways, then why not seize the chance to become the first big club to tell the whole structure of footballing authority, from FIFA through UEFA down to SFA and SPL?

Large clubs have had their own associated groupings since the G14, through to the European Club Association and have always been looking to gain more power. Why not be the first to start the breakaway?

Feel free to propose your own ideas.

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Stay in the SPL, take all the shit thrown at us without a wimper......

.... and with kids, youth and Big Lee up front plane (!) for nothing.....

...... we win the fuking treble!!!!!!

Why accept that we cant competet and that they will dominate for years. Fear nothing and no one.

:21: :21: :21:

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Oleg, you could be onto something here!!

Fuck the SFA, Imagine a breakaway

Wow, that would be amazing

Also, I would love a sit down with Craig Whyte, just to clarify some questions about the takeover

Do you think he would do a civilised sit down with a supporters group?

I would like to be in attendance

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