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Hateley speaks out...

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Read this on FF from the Record

ERIC DRYSDALE, Gary Allan and Alistair Murning. Or as I prefer to call them - Moe, Larry and Curly.

The SFA's "Three Stooges" who decided this week, in their wisdom, to hammer Rangers and threaten their existence by imposing a transfer ban on them.

A ruling that endangers the bidding process for one of Scotland's biggest clubs, which finds itself engulfed in a financial crisis. So much for the SFA servicing the Scottish game, eh?

What I want to know is, what qualifications do Drysdale, Allan and Murning have to sit on a judicial panel and dish out sanctions?

Do they have any sort of background at the top level of football?

These men have just had a major say on the future of the Scottish game. They've been asked to rule on one of the biggest decisions in the last 50 years.

Who do they think they are - and how did they get into this position of power?

Ally McCoist came out and said this SFA ban could kill Rangers. How can a judgment like that be put in the hands of three individuals who don't even work for the SFA?

Any decision should surely come from the governing body. It should be people within the game, who understand the ramifications of the punishments they're handing out.

Clearly, none of them have given a thought to the effect it would have on the game's future in Scotland.

I'm astonished the SFA get other people in to make their decisions.

I'm absolutely stunned by that.

If you want to run a successful business or organisation, I accept you will have independent consultants who advise you on some matters. But when you have monumental decisions to make, which could be detrimental to the game you're trying to improve, surely it has to come from within Hampden?

You'd think the SFA would have at least three men working for them with the knowledge and qualifications to make judgments like that.

People aware of the structure of Scottish football wouldn't have imposed these sanctions on Rangers.

And it disturbs me when I hear that it's lawyers, QCs and journalists who are part of these judicial panels. That's incredible. We're talking about football business here, which is run completely differently to any other. These people don't know the game.

I just can't understand it. Since Stewart Regan was appointed chief executive at Hampden, he's been banging on about getting their house in order. But this typifies what everyone is battling against. This ruling has taken the SFA back two decades.

They've made a balls-up of a relatively simple decision. Of course, Rangers and Craig Whyte deserved to be punished. But the timing of it - and the failure to recognise the repercussions which would follow - is staggering.

They've opened up a huge can of worms and I'm not sure they're aware of the backlash that could follow.

I've heard Murning's last involvement on an SFA panel was ruling on a red-card appeal by an Albion Rovers player.

He managed to rescind the sending off from a game against Brechin. Now, I'm sorry, but how can he go from making decisions on a Second Division game to ruling on the potential future of Rangers FC? It's unbelievable.

That's what the Three Stooges did.

After all, it was announced on the day the club's administrators wanted to name a preferred bidder and that process has now stalled as a result.

But nothing surprises me about the SFA any more. They talk of taking the game forward. Well, God help us.

Everything Regan has said since he took the job has been about improving the game. But this decision, if it means killing off Rangers, will completely knock the stuffing out of Scottish football.

After everything they've been working on in the last few years, they've managed to score another own goal. They take two steps forward then 10 back with some of their decisions.

Ally was right in demanding to know who was on the panel. Drysdale, Allan and Murning must be accountable, surely?

They're supposed to be anonymous - but that's why the SFA should have made the decision themselves, instead of getting others to do it for them.

This type of thing just wouldn't happen in England. You have to ask, what are we getting from the SFA, what are clubs paying for?

If they can't make a ruling on the biggest story to hit Scottish football what chance do we have? They are the game's governing body.

I would like to think Regan and Co will back down after an appeal. They should be big enough to hold their hands up and admit their mistake.

Because if they think they can attract sponsors for their tournaments, when they're making decisions which could liquidate one of their top clubs, they're having a laugh.

Already, Rangers fans are planning to boycott some of the SFA's big commercial partners. These deals are huge earners for them.

And if they under-estimate fan power, they'll be in an even bigger mess than they currently find themselves in.


He's bang on the money and good to see him speak out.

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He is correct about one thing, the SFA shouldn't have passed the buck coz they didn't have the Beas to do it. Tbh the 3 guys had a decision to make and they did. Why didn't the SFA not do it their self, they are the so called experts

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Punish,destroy? they took the latter decision.Rangers supporters have no qualms regards a punishment,this punishment is on behalf of the decisions taken by the hierarchy,NOT THE SUPPORTER!NOR THE TEAM!STAFF!WORKERS! We really are bewilldered what next? Rangers fans,teams et all are the VICTIMS IN THIS SOAP OPERA....just a thought Rangers are a scottish buisness? THE SFA CONTRIVE TO SHUT IT DOWN! HAS ALEX SALMOND BEEN APPROACHED? HE ALLEGEDLY IS SCOTLANDS FIRST MINISTER.

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