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The republicans have taken over Scotland


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This country is now fucked - my advice to all young people who live here is to emigrate to a country who appreciates hard work and endeavour. I am to old for this but the young ones should go.

Or take up the fight by day and by night


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the labour government in glasgow is what you get, how anyone can vote that mhob in is beyond me. Thank fuck I dont have to worry down here. We out number the dirty brigade 100s to 1. Even Stuart Regans daughter has to travel a fair distance into Harrogate to attend her local RC School.

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I agree but you can't vote for the RC establishment then complain when they do what they do.

But I don't vote, I think it's wrong to assume that others on here do.

Most hold Rangers in esteem before any political or religious group.

As it should be

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Vote ?

Why ?

There is no point

As a result of people's votes our Union with the rest of the UK is more at risk than it ever has been.

Whatever you think of the issue, it is nonsense to suggest that there is no point in voting.

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STAND UP AND FIGHT. In every aspect of life, every day of life. They'll takeover if we stand back and let them. Find out who you're hiring to do your roofs, new kitchens, decorating , gardening and anything that you might have to pay them money for. Don't employ them. Shun them. I am a bit old now for standing for the council, the SFA, the SPL. Let,s get our country back. Let's get our people back in there and give it to them big time. There are a lot of very determined and clever Rangers fans out there. What can you do to stick it to this MHOB. Never give in 'cos WE ARE THE PEOPLE. Good luck to all you younger BEARS. END OF RANT.

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FFS, why did the OP have to go there!

How the fuck did we the majority, get over run by the taig 20% minority?

It was not with positive PR, but a bit like the recent US presidential campaign. Just throw as much shite as you possibly can at the opposition and some is bound to stick and they then look to be the good guys.

Whilst we the majority, just stood back and took it, thinking don't be like them, it will go away. Well, it fuckin didn't did it?!!!

They are certainly not smarter, so their old bhoys network swung into action action. Bit by bit, the vhermin permeated their subversive way into positions of influence to fuck both us and our country.

Time to make our stand for both our Club and our country. This dear place of ours is NOT a fuckin extension of the vatican state, nor a republic of Scotland. Let us get of our collective arses and organise, or otherwise it soon fuckin will be!

I mean the mentality of those taig cunts. They still flock to their covens and wurship that henious coneheed, who is responsible for the biggest cover up of the abuse against children on the planet. Some American commentators say the abuse was in the tens of thousands FFS! Now, if that were my church, I would be torchin the fuckin place and hangin the guilty from the highest tree! God certainly does not live in that house! But, oh no, not them, it must have been the children's fault! Then their is their republic of Scotland asprirations. Who the fuck are these people? That is the mentality we are dealing with here.

How do you beat this?

Metaphorically speaking with a very large fucking stick, in that evrything they dish out, they get back ten fold, as these cunts are not for turning!

Rant over!


BTW, The pivotal moment in all this anti Rangers sentiment, sectarianism and bigotry shite coincided with popcorn teeth, son of the devil joe, becoming manager and the bheasts took some power and confidence in their subversive sectarian campaign against us and our country!

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