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Revenge is a great motivator

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How many on here have gone that little bit further to exact revenge on some one.

It's maybe possible that if we unearth a goal scorer from the current playing staff and retain what we have that revenge will give us the added edge in winning the league next year.

They will be down sizing big time this year as they are running a tight line on wages etc.

It Wont be as wide a gap as we think, why do you think lie well is hell bent on pushing this player ban through, it allows him to downsize and hopefully stay ahead of us.

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I dont go to away matches because i live in Belfast, but if Rangers fans boycott these matches it will be a big fuck you to the SPL and they will be sorry.

Seriously? how much do the Rangers away fans put into the SPL? it must be millions. Fuck these cunt, we suffer!? then make them suffer even more.

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