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Ok, so have decided to start up a predictor league for the EURO's! Last one for the 2010 world cup was a bit of a laugh! Have thought of a few scoring structures, but think this one is quite good, an

Oh fuck. 1 day, 17 entrants. How long till this fucking thing kicks off?? I'm gonna need a bigger spreadsheet!! Cheers guys......looks like it's on then!!

Awww fuck......Im gonna need a bigger spreadsheet!! No worries....all noted!! There's currently over 50 names. That means there will be between 50 & 100 posts per match day if everyone puts up t

Unfortunately due to the time involved, I think I'm going to have to call it a day regarding new entrants. There's 65 names down, much more than I was expecting. I don't want to be falling over myself trying to keep up to speed, so I think it's best if I leave it at that! Hope you understand! (tu) (DBBTB, you're last one in mate! ).

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Is there anybody else who is goonh to be active through the tournament and would be willing to help LegendofCoop with this and take a bit of the work away from him. This might allow for more entrants too.

Mate, it's fine with the numbers I have. The way I do it is by adding predictions to a spreadsheet and then updating a scoring table on it as well. It wouldn't be possible for two folk to do it.

Like I say, I'm fine with the numbers as they are! Appreciate the thought though. (tu)

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