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Wolves are interested in my Chinese cousin

Struggling to piece together Kirk's transfer news.

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ex poster calvinC used to spit juice/coffee all over his laptop with the hilarity of peoples posts.

pretended to have a stunning girlfriend that brought him home hash in his spanish villa :lol:

before your time mate!

:D haha I was sitting looking at the post for a good 5 mins trying to see if there was some sort of banter aimed towards me lol but thanks for putting my mind to rest
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Says 1.5 today. Told tims in work they'd signed the man u biy cause he'd be off, they didn't listen

Seen that this morning. Read 2 million on BBC last night. Wouldn't be like them to report the fee as being higher than it really is would it? :rolleyes:

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Happy with the transfers so far at Inter.. Miranda, Murillo, Kondogbia and Montoya are all significant improvements over those going out/

Wouldn't be too gutted if Shaqiri leaves, needs more time to settle but for the money he's on.. he really needed to hit the ground running. Fiorentina now look to be out of the race to sign Salah so hopefully Inter step it up!

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