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Duff & Phelps out now


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I'm not wanting to jump on the bandwagon but...it'd make a bit of sense with TBK scenario...

The question now is....where does Green stand in all of this?

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if that was true that i just saw, that is serious serious allegations. Am talking massive jail sentences here. I'm still struggling to see how thet thought they could get away with this. How much exactly is missing out the accounts?

Well, i guess no one will be able to answer that if the court (duff&phelps) zre doing the books. No wonder they haven't been signed off.

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Those are very serious allegations and there is no way they would have been allowed to broadcast them if there wasn't substance behind them. I think we are all awaiting D&P's response and them to face some tough questions about the failed TBK bid and successful Green bid.

Just when we think we are taking a step forward we take 5 back the way :anguish:

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It was designed to provoke exactly the reaction that started this thread.

No doubt some would be happy to get some admins that would be more receptive to TBK.

Calm your jets.

Keep the heid.

There was no smoking gun found in the admins bag.

The whole documentary was just a regurgitation of the tims site.

I would question how they legally got and broadcast tribunal papers though. That's gotta be against some law. Sub judicae for one.

Unless of course the verdict is already out.

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