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hollie greig case

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Not only shocking but when laid along side other Scottish legal cover ups such as Lockerbie and Paddy Meehan amongst others, it nails the lie as to Scottish justice and its claim to be the best in the world, as the below only too clearly indicates.

ONE LAW FOR THE CROOKED: Crown Office failed to prosecute any crooked lawyer for legal aid fraud in 5 years. THE CROWN OFFICE & PROCURATOR FISCAL SERVICE, Scotland’s ‘independent’ prosecution service headed by the Lord Advocate, currently Frank Mulholland QC, has admitted that during the term of the former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC, it somehow FAILED TO PROSECUTE any of FOURTEEN as yet unidentified lawyers accused of legal aid fraud and referred to it for prosecution by the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB). The frauds allegedly committed by the 14 accused lawyers all members of the Law Society of Scotland, collectively amounted to millions of pounds of taxpayers money, the bulk of which appears to be unrecoverable.

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go Google this and see what a certain investigative journalist and a certain national television company covered up,shocking stuff

Known about this for a couple of years now. Scotland is a sick country, hi-jacked by paedophile and terrorist sympathisers. Many an honest, hard working man is turning in their grave.

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Can anyone explain further as to why this case was not in the public eye

There are many videos on YouTube in relation to the case and a certain David Icke gets involved at some level, the off topic section would probably be better suited for the post.

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Can anyone explain further as to why this case was not in the public eye

In Scotland as in most places it is almost impossible to obtain redress or justice against the legal profession, it is a private club populated by spivs and conmen, although there are good decent people involved also.

Even the police tread warily around them, a self serving club come employment bureau where they milk and abuse the system and the general public, it is an absolute mystery also how they can even begin to justify their extortionate fees and charges, something that should have been capped a long time ago.





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