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I would have said this a matter of months ago. Hell, I did say this only a few weeks ago. The garbage over the past few weeks though has been nothing but goading.

You are right, we shouldn't be outraged. Frankly, he provides little to average insight on here. The only reason he is so noticed and irritates so many is simply because for every 1 very decent post you'll make, he'll make 5 snide digs at it and drown out any real flowing discussion. He certainly thinks he's cleverer than most and cleverer than he is. When I first came onto this forum a year ago, I had respect for his posting and the occasional sarcastic dig. Now it's the very very occasional good post surrounded by snide and generic digs all over the place. It's not the content of his posting that bothers me, he may well be correct with his grand conspiracy theories. It's his attitude towards others which grates on me. He's a disease amongst this forum. He thinks that nobody is wary of D+P, that all of us idiots simply think this will be sorted out easy as pie and that it is him against the world - only he has the foresight to be wary of people. You know he doesn't have much more to say when he responds with the (tu) - then he'll just move onto the next thread to start again.

I'd say, if he irritates you, you should just ignore him on here. It's virtually impossible to do so though when every second post is a generic dig at something or someone

he doesnt irritate me in the slightest.

he has an opinion, just like the rest of us. I respect that. but some seem to think that his opinion is more than what it is.

I think it says more about the person being pissed off, rather than the one doing the pissing off.

Too many people on here just can not comment, they have to take the bait, they have to get the last word, they have to prove they are smarter than the other. and I'm not just talking about GS anymore.

He is by far and away not the only poster who posts like what you mention on this forum, yet everyone to a man gives the crackpot comments made more credence by biting in the first place.

I'm not the "why cant we all just get along" type and it would be a boring place if people all agreed, but the mock outrage and expecting him banned because he doesnt quite fit with the mainstream thinking on here reminds me of another forum we all know.

read back a few of the threads and you'll notice no matter what he says its the same people who contribute to the snyde posts and sly digs, the very same people who think they are smarter, the same people who keep it going.

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