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England game live on ITV AD

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Hopefully England can win these friendlies then whip themselves into a creamy, post-tournament fervour... AGAIN. Only to be left kissing the big nations' collective vapour-trails... AGAIN.

But will they ever learn...? Oh no.

I almost thought they were going to try some humility... until they scored! Now it's Roy's Brave New Future and Alf Ramsey n' all that jazz...


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England have been very average, then the commentator has the cheek to say that about the Norweigian team who had played well. Not a fan of the England team out at the moment, only ones justifiable are Lescott, Baines, Milner, Parker, Young and possibly Carroll IMO.

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I like Keane, he speaks his mind, I just hate his overuse of the word listen :lol:

He's about the wisest pundit on it, but I find it hard not to hate the cunt.

His grumpy, "I'm always right here so you listen to what I'm saying" look has ran its course though.

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