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Good YouTubers


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I watch a few. Nothing to do with gaming though.

I'll just name them anyway - Charlieissocoollike, Nerimon, Lockergnome (Chris Pirillo) his Vlogs especially and TheCreativeOne.

All really decent content.

No worries mate, I didn't even mean to post it in here doh

If any admins read this, can they move it to the General Discussion section, cheers. :D

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I've not looked yet, but I'm guessing this is you ... hence the :ph34r:


How did you know?! :pipe:

Yep it's me, some funny things on there which other people don't find funny, like the player dying, which he does. They all went crazy because apparently you can't say he's dead without going onto manager mode and showing us he can't play anymore. :dry:

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Anybody aware of any, whether they're gaming commentators or whatever. Possibly people that you have subscribed to. :)

Cheers lads (tu)

There is only one Youtube channel you need for gaming mate. They dont try to review games or ram their opinions down your throat. Good variety of gaming related videos aswell.


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Only one I can think of is KSIOlajidebt, plays FIFA on that channel

Think he's hilarious most of the time,on his second channel KSIOlajidebtHD he plays other games like minecraft.

Should give some of his videos a watch (tu)

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